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Annual show July 2022

The Annual Show will take place on in July 2022 venue to be confirmed. 

The Civic Theatre is closed for the Summer of 2022 for refurbishments & improvements 

We are looking at alternative Theatre's and venues that are available for hire in July 2022.


Tickets will available from 1 May 2022


Dress rehearsal

All groups should arrive promptly. Students will need to register in and out with a teacher.

Boys Group

  • 11.15arrive and register.
  • 11.30, dress rehearsal on stage
  • 12.00, Parents collect and return at 2.30pm

Dance Inclusion

  • 11.45, arrive and register
  • 12.00, dress rehearsal on stage
  • 12.30, collect and return at 6.00pm

Chelmsford Classes 

  • 12.30pm, arrive and register
  • 1.00pm to 2.30pm, dress rehearsal on stage                                  
  • Parents should deliver TBC

Instructions for dress rehearsal

  • 2.30pm, arrive andregister with the waiting member of staff. 
  • Each child should have their costume with them
  • Drinks should be in plastic, screw top, or sports top bottle. No fizzy drinks please
  • No child (even seniors) can leave the building once registered
  • Parents are not allowed in. please leave your children with their teacher then leave
  • All groups ready in costume by 2.45pm with a member of staff  

Afternoon performance

  • 3pm to 5pm, all junior groups perform including a few Call 1 and 2 numbers

At the end of the performance when all the groups are changed and ready to leave, the member of staff will bring their group outside.

Please be patient. As soon as the member of staff signs your child out and over to you, you are free to go. This will need co-operation and patience from everybody. It is for the protection of your child.

Evening performance

  • 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Call 1 and 2 performers, Dance Inclusion

Younger members might like to get tickets to watch the evening performance